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A fun… and healthy partnership!

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Once again Codil joined Mini Babybel and A Vaca que ri. Originating the snack pack “Have fun Coffee Break”.

Codil is proud of the partnerships it makes with companies who wish to add value to their products.

The latest partnership between Codil and Grupo Bel, gave birth to a super practical lunchbox in three different versions, a true ally for mothers who care for the healthy growth of their children, without forgetting that even snack time can be a fun time.

Thus it was created three fun designs that were incorporated into lunchboxes by IML technology. The process of IML (In-Mould labbeling) consists of placing the label into a mold for injection or blowing, thereby obtaining after injection an already decorated package without the need for further handling. The advantages of using this technology are increased durability and decoration resistance, setting the mark, inviolability of labels, recyclability and streamlining the production process. The lunchboxes were injected in high quality materials, fit for food contact.

The first project between Codil and Bel Portugal came in 2010 with the creation of a portable box for cheese slices for the Limiano brand. Several other projects followed, including a utensil for Raclette and transportable triangles for the brand “A Vaca que ri”.



Bel Portugal is a company specialist in cheese, with several brands that are part of the eating habits of the Portuguese. Formerly called Lacto Ibérica, the name Fromageries Bel Portugal was adopted in January 2004 after the purchase of the Bel group. It is the leading cheese market in Portugal, leading the Flemish cheese segments as well as the processed cheese segment. In addition to cheese, Bel also produces and packs butter (Loreto) and UHT milk (Terra Nostra and Loreto), also selling international brands of the group: A Vaca que ri, Mini Babybel, Boursin and Leerdammer.

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