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Ambiente 2016

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“Here is where the world meets up”. (Herke et al, 2015)

With the slogan “The future is made here.”, Messe Frankfurt organized from 12th to February 16th one of the largest and most important international fairs in the area of Consumer Goods & Entertainment, the Ambiente.

Professionals from over 150 countries exhibited their main products, grouped by different themes and at the same time so complemental:

Dinner – Leading the world in table, kitchen and home sector.

Give – For the best gifts in the world.

Seating areas – The future of the world of home, furnishings and decor.

For the third consecutive year, Codil attended this important international event, to show the best of what is produced in Portugal and, as in previous years, Codil took in the luggage its latest news.

From the new collections, the BeClassic line and PET line (dedicated to our 4 paw friends) made the delight of visitors. Likewise, the child Monsters line and FunKids bank received numerous compliments as well as the new collection of Lunch-it, a charming lunch box that Portugal already knows so well.

The emphasis on the introduction of a dispenser on the cover of the Bayonne line, one of Codil sellers, was also a winning bet.

Just as it is a market of great importance for consumer goods trade, the Ambiente is also the central hub for business, for the Horeca segment and sourcing. The Ambiente brings business partners, ideas and success, all together in one place.

In 2017, Ambiente Frankfurt will take place from 10th to February 14th and Codil already has a marked place.