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In the land where the best cigars in the world are made

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In 2014 the approach of Portugal to Cuba won a new expression with the visit to Cuba of the Portuguese Secretary of Foreign Affairs. It was thus given a new impetus to political and economic relations between Portugal and Cuba. The economic transformation and the opening of the Cuban regime opened new doors to foreign investment.

Sponsored by the Ministry of the Cuban Industry and with the participation of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the second edition of the International Convention and Exhibition of the Cuban Industry, the CubaIndustria, will be held at the Havana Convention Palace from the 20th to June 24th, 2016.

CubaIndustria is an event that targets all entrepreneurs and researchers of the Cuban industrial sector but also international, promoting an excellent opportunity for the Portuguese industry.

Codil, following its strategy of internationalization and expansion of the brand, is going to be attending this important event, even taking a prominent part, with a speech on the 20th 2º Congreso de Envases y Embalajes (Havanapak 2016).

This 2nd Edition of CubaIndustria has more than 10 associated conferences, where national and international companies will share their vision and contribution to the industrial development of this country.