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Taking the lunch box to the job is up!

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Whether the recession is to blame or not, the lunchbox tendency is here to stay. For most of us, who is looking to cut the expenses, aswell as for the ones who are trying to be in shape, fit and healthy, “take the lunch box to our jobs” is the correct verb.

Who says workplace lunches have to be boring, dull, that the queen of picnics is the sandwich or that we have to stick with the isotonic drink available at the vending machine at the gym? We are able to enjoy an healthy snack or drink, prepared with care.

Lunch-It lunchbox is Codil´s answer to this growing trend.

Pratical, conveniente and easily cleaned, Lunch-It allows carrying in optimal conditions and the right proportions, what we love most to eat. It is entirely manufactured in Portugal. It has a capacity of 900ml, a removable divider, cutlery holder, cutlery and a pratical and fun lid for added protection.


All the Lunch-It pieces are microwave and dishwasher ready, built with high quality and durability environment friendly recyclable materials.
All the pieces are BPA Free and food contact ready.

Lunch-It: pick yours at www.lunch-it.pt and enjoy it!
Images: https://www.facebook.com/marmita.receitas