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The Chef Requires … natural fibers!

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“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”


In the kitchen, one of the biggest global trends is the return to the origins, to the recovery of recipes and familiar flavors, the textures and flavors of former days, where we played the spinning top and hopscotch. Returning to the origins induces a deep appreciation for traditional materials, forms and methods of manufacture. The irregular shapes not mechanized and intentionally unfinished are exposed, emphasizing the closeness to nature. The Comfort foodhas never been so fashionable and the way we prepare the food, including the utensils used during the confection, is very important.


The Codil utensils line “the Chef requires” reflects this timeless warmth, a return to the past, in an innovative fusion process between polymers and natural fibers. The natural fibers, which can be of animal, vegetable and mineral origin, are an alternative to synthetic fibers with added value, since they are renewable materials, biodegradable and non-toxic.

The pieces that make up the line “The Chef requires” were designed and developed according to the strictest standards of quality and usability. The materials used are suitable for food contact and can withstand temperatures up to 200ºC.

The cables in the “the Chef requires”” line were injected with a compound of polypropylene and Miscanthus, a natural fiber. Choosing this fiber was due to its impressive mechanical properties, thermal and the visual look of the pieces, giving them personality and contemporary, embellishing any kitchen, as if it was a piece of art. Design combined with functionality!

The “Chef” requires, Codil delivers!