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Codil is news in the INFOAIDA magazine

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INFOAIDA Magazine, December 2016 – Edition n.º74

“…Codil intends to keep betting on the markets where it already has a  stable position and concentrate its effort on the European market…”

01. Codil is a company of reference in the market of injection and commercialization of household utilities in plastic. What would distinguish it to be the best partner of a company?

We have been in the market for more than 35 years, we passed by many changes and adaptions in order to remain competitive, not only in the commercialization of household utilities in plastic with our own brand, but also to continue satisfying our customers from other business areas.

Quickly, we realized that in favour of responding to market demands and reaching a comfortable level of quality, productivity and rentability, we would need to invest on the innovation and modernization of the company, not only in terms of technology, but also in the terms of the formation of human resources and work methods.

Currently, we could affirm that Codil offers a wide range of skills and industrial capabilities, from a department focused product research and development, to robotics and automation, as well as to the mastery of innovative processes like IML (in-mould labelling) and IMD (in-mould decoration).

02. How would you position Codil at level of the Industry 4.0?

We are mindful of this new “industrial revolution”, however the market globalization and the consequent competition was always been seen as an impulse for the technologic modernization of the company, enhancing its productivity and competitiveness over time.

03. Since Codil has assumed internationalization as a strategy to follow, what is the balance you make and what are its main markets and international partners? In which new markets do you want to bet now?

Codil positions itself as a global company and the proof is that 60% of our total turnover comes from exportation.

We export to the five continents, with Africa being the continent with the highest volume of transactions, being present in more than 20 countries.

In the concrete case of Mozambique, Codil has opened a branch office in  order to be able to respond and communicate with its customers in a more efficient and easier way.
15 years ago, Codil started an operation in Cuba as a strategic bet with the  purpose of advertising the brand, the company and all its business areas. At the present, Codil is already a company with notoriety and expression  regarding technical assistance and equipment supply.

In the last 5 years, we have directed our efforts to the Middle East, where we already have a very interesting market share in the are of plastic household plastics.

In the upcoming years, Codil intends to keep investing in the markets where it already has a stable position and concentrate its efforts on the European market.

Despite this being a really demanding market with its own characteristics, we are determined to conquer a relevant and highlighted position in it.

04. Codil participated in the 2016 edition of FIHAV (Havana’s International Fair), a business misssion organized by AIDA. What is your opinion on its presence at FIHAV?

As already mentioned, Codil has a strong connection with Cuba, so it could only be positive. This type of business missions are fundamental for the success of the portuguese companies that aspire their internationalization and growth.

05. In your opinion, what role should industrial associations have in the scope of the internationalization and dynamization of the region’s economy?

It is felt that, in the last years, the industrial associations, within which Codil cooperates, are much more active and dynamic.

All aid is welcomed and the path to follow is definitely the one that leads to the support of SMEs business fabric. The bridges that business associations establish are fundamental, especially when cultural and political barriers exist.

06. In your opinion, what are the most difficult challenges that the portuguese business environment will face in the future?

Portuguese fiscal burden continues to have a great influence in the country’s industry.

Codil’s stronger competitors worldwide come from Asian countries, although their products are inferior in terms of quality. Recently, Turkey has emerged with some good price/quality relation products.

Compete with countries which governs support, encourage and invest in  manufacturing and exporting companies is increasingly becoming an arduous and determining task for those who resist.

The biggest challenge in the future of Portugal’s business environment could be “convincing” the young entrepreuners that this is a country with a future, capable of meeting their expectations.

07. Recently, there has been an effort by society to raise awareness on the  business environment for the implementation of actions that aim to an increase use of corporate social responsibility practices. Is Codil materialized in this social sense?

Codil discreetly and unpretentiously supports several local and non-local associations. What is now called “social responsability”, Codil has been practicing for several years now. It is not a matter of “sow for later harvesting”, but rather a premise that has always been developed by this family-based company.

08. Codil is an official partner of Re-food. How did this partnership emerge?

Re-food has specific needs in terms of packaging and transportation of food.

Codil produces its own packaging for this purpose, so we decided to  create this partnership that has been a success for helping many people.

Therefore, since the beginning of 2015, Codil is proud to be part of this movement, providing food boxes (produced with raw materials suitable for  food contact), like transportation baskets. Later that year, Codil had the honor of receiving the visit of Hunter Halder, founder of this project.

09. As a entrepreneur/manager, do you think that Corporate Social Responsibility should be considered as a strategically relevant factor in companies management?

The success of an organization is not based only on the analysis of the balance sheets and results, but also on the employees’ concerns, about their social environment and future. Corporate social responsibility should not be used as promotion, it must be a voluntary and altruist act.

10. What should we expect from Codil in a near future?

From Codil, you could continue to count on the professionalism, seriousness,  responsibility, ambition and fighting spirit. Also the expansion in a sustained and structured way of the different business areas, based on pillars such as teamwork, commitment, quality and innovation, always with the objective of exceeding the expectations of their customers and business partners.