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Founded in 1978, Codil’s main activity is the injection and commercialization of domestic utilities in plastic. However, operates in a transversal way, from research and development (IDT) of the product, from the project to the design of the mold and injection of the plastic part for various business segments in a B2B – Business to Business.

Codil is a reference company in this sector and bets daily on product innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, so it is certified by ISO 9001: 2015, and is oriented towards full compliance with the requirements of this standard norm.

The plant, based in Fajões, Oliveira de Azeméis, has a modern and flexible business structure and brings together an experienced and dynamic team with a strong orientation towards the continuous improvement of its industrial processes.

The commitment to Internationalization has provided the company, since very early, to modernization and creativity, being presence at international fairs such as Ambiente in Frankfurt, Alimentaria / Hostelco in Barcelona, and a wide network of distributors that bring Codil to several continents.

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• Inovation

Research, creation, development and action are inseparable in Innovation. Critical thinking combined with the sharing of knowledge and ideas, aimed at continuous improvement of processes and services. The effort paid admission to the network COTEC.

• Creativity

Understand, observe, define, construct and execute. Understanding the consumer and their needs is the first phase of the design thinking process. Research and develop new concepts and materials, use of innovative techniques and technology in order to differentiate the product and to better satisfy customers’ requirements.

• Quality

As a sector specialist, the differentiation is achieved through quality and product innovation. The companie´s production process integrates state of the art machinery, allowing fast production and superior quality standards, thus meeting all the possible requirements. Commitment to Quality, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction is reflected in the ISSO 9001 quality management system ISSO 50001 energy management system.

• Continual improvement

The focus on management for continuous improvement of processes and services, with a emphasis on training, specialization and qualification of employees and in direct contact with consumers.


Aspire to maximum operating efficiency in all business areas of Codil, optimize financial, operational and human resources to better satisfy customers and employees.
Ensure continuity of solid partnerships based on mutual trust, exchange of knowledge, transparency and seriousness.
Promote social responsibility and high standards of conduct, establishing solid relations of mutual benefit and consistent with all employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.
Promote a dynamic of innovation and continuous improvement in products and level of service provided to customers.


Expand the different Codil´s business areas at a sustained and structured rate, from the household plastic appliances to the mould manufacturing for a variety of markets, based on pillars such as teamwork, commitment, quality and innovation, aspiring to achieve and exceed customer and business partners´ expectations.